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05/31/14--Service was very nice. Maria spoke to me on the phone like she's know me for years. Made me feel very comfortable about making this purchase. Gavin was equally nice and helpful. The manager gave me an unbeatable out the door price and got me the car I wanted at the price I could handle. Easy and quick...we were done in an hour. I still can't believe the deal I got!

05/31/14--Saw a 4Runner advertised on Craigslit and finally decided to come and see the car. For the money it can't be beat. Manny and Alex were very nice and helpful.

Super impressed with this dealership. I went in against my better judgment and I'm glad I did. They have a great team here that is all about trying to help. I'm loving my Mercedes and I would recommend you guys to anyone.

05/31/14--I made it very easy for our sales rep. Gavin but I have to say that Gavin was very honest with us. He gave me the bottom price right from the gate and played no games with us. The girls in the office were also very friendly and entertaining. Fast process--in and out. I hate spending the entire day at a dealerhip looking at cars and negotiating prices but that was not the case here. Would love a wash and wax next time Gavin!! haha

05/31/14--Gracias!!! My son will love this car...graduation present for him. Great price....very clean car.

06/09/14--Alex was grest. Would have loved a full tank of gas but that's cool. The deal was great. Fast and easy...excellent.
Purchased a 2001 Toyota Runner!

06/03/14--Good and easy to do. Easy financing. Every one was great.

I saw this car online and went in and liked it. It was a great deal. I have to fix a few things but thats ok. I got the financing I wanted which will help me build my credit. Good job.

Very happy with the level of service I received here. My car was just as advertised. I got fair value on my trade-in and financed the BMW that I wanted. Overall, a great experience. Super friendly staff and very clean, cool dealership. Thanks!

Saw my Mercedes online and decided to come check it out. Overall, happy with my purchase. Gavin was helpful.

05/31/14--I give Premium Finance a 10 Plus!! I love my Toyota 4Runner! I came in, took the car for a test drive and was sold. I had gone to CARMAX on Memorial Day weekend looking for a car and their service was not good...no one wanted to help me and I just didn't find the car I wanted. I came across the ad for this 4Runner online on Thursday and drove down quite the distance. I found the staff to be very helpful and respectful. That is key for me....respect. Great selection and really great prices.

04/10/14--Good experience....very nice service and staff. All my questions were answered and the prices were very good. Cars here were all clean and I found a great selection. We got the car that we wanted and the financing that we needed. Very fair. 5 Stars!

Very happy with the car! It was a very easy process. We saw the car online on Friday night and by Saturday morning my daughter was drving the car home. It was a great deal.

This was a great place to come to. Alex was helpful and knowledgeable. This was the easiest car buying experience I have ever had and I got the price I wanted.

Good experience. Very nice service and the pricing was great on the car I bought, as well as most of the other vehicles on the lot.

Great experience with a beautiful car. We were looking for a car for my wife and this is the cleanest MBZ S550 we've seen. The price was even better. I was able to get financed and drove home with the car the same afternoon. As far as car shopping goes, it was a fast and easy process. They even helped me with minor repairs after I picked up the car. I am very happy with the car and with the dealership.

05/31/14--Pretty easy with no pressure at all. Cars here were very clean and the prices were fair. All the cars had complementary CARFAX reports which was very helpful. The sales people were all upfront and you can tell they weren't just looking to make a commission and move on to the next. Very personable and friendly. Value on the car was great and the financing was very simple. I had to wait for about an hour for an credit decision but well worth it. Very very straight forward.

The entire experience was great from beginning to end. We came in on a busy Saturday evening and looked at this car. It needed an allignment and a new battery for the key fob and they took care of everything. We agreed on the price, which was very fair, and we purchased the car. Maria was very nice, professional and patient with us. We will be back for another car soon. Thank you Premium.

Gavin did a super job. He took me on numerous test drives and was very nice. Alex was fast, superb and knowledgable. Fast deal!

Iveth and Gavin were very nice. Great customer service. Good deal. We had all of our questions answered and felt very comfortable here. We were very surprised at how easy it was.

Superior service. I am very happy with my car and the service I received from Gavin, my sales representative to the support staff. They worked with my bank and I got the car. Very, very satisfied. I will be back.

We came in just to look and left with a Volvo. Car is in great condition. Happy with my choice. Nice and easy.

Good service. Manny was very nice. Great car-better price. Thank you guys.

I looked at this truck for a while before deciding to purchase. Im glad I made the decision I did. I couldn't be happier. Its everything I wanted and more. Good job

06/03/14--Great in terms of paying attention to my concerns with the car and repairing them before I purchased it. Gavin was great and patient and helpful. I would say it was a good deal. I will be back. Sales team here in general have been great.

Manny was great. He's my brother!! I'm very happy I got the car I wanted.

Great truck. I emailed this dealership for 2 weeks and finally went out to see this truck. Well worth it. Truck had some minor issues but for the money I couldn't beat it. Everyone was great. Impressed by communication efforts at this dealership.

I have terrible credit and didnt think that owning a Mercedes was something I could do but Premium Finance made it possible. Everyone here is so patient and helpful. I couldnt ask for a better buying experience.

05/27/14--Customer service was great! Saw a Jaguar online and decided to take the drive from the IE to the OC for this car and I am happy I did. I was able to get my Jag and finance it. I am happy with my deal and I thought the process was very simple. Probably the easiest way I've ever purchased a car. Prices here were awesome.

My husband and I came in to look at the Infiniti G35X. I'm glad we did because it is beautiful and everything we wanted and more. The sale was very easy and Gavin was helpful and very friendly. A big thank you to everyone that helped us with the process, you guys were great.

I love my 06 nissan 350z. It was a great purchase and a great experience.

Process was pleasant and simple. It was what they said it was going to be. They worked hard to get us the deal we wanted. Very happy with the price. We saw the car adverstised on craigslist and the car description and pics matched what we saw when we got to the dealership. Positive experience.

05/31/14--Nissan Maxima! Happy with the deal. Value was good. Customer service was good. I felt that our questions could have been answered better but overall I am happy with the car and I paid the price I wanted to for it.

Wonderful price but financing took too long. Otherwise, it was a great experience.

06/09/14--Bought a Mercedes that I have always wanted. It was a lot more easier than I thought. My husband and I saw this very affordable MBZ. advertised online and decided to go in and inspect it. We were very happy with what we saw. We looked at the carfax report and then took it for a test drive. We then spoke their finance director who was straight and to the point. Within the hour we were driving home in the car. They made it very easy and not at all intimidating. Every one was helpful and friendly.

05/31/14--New to the country and I was looking for an affordable car to go to school with. A friend referred me here and I found my car. The manager was very nice and really helped me with the price because my budget was very high. That's all....nice place.

Best thing about Premium Finance is their responsiveness. I didn't like that little things were not repaired but they were minor and on a used car that is ok! Sales people were great. Answered all my questions properly.

I came here just to look at a Jeep I saw on craigslist and it turned out to be everything I wanted and more. I love my new Jeep and I am a happy customer

Looking forward to owning my Tacoma. Excellent experience here. Very helpful team. Financing took a little bit of time but everyone was very patient.

The phone conversation at first was weak but it was great when we came in. You guys went out of your way to make the impossible possible. Really truely appreciate the entire staff and their ability to quickly expedite things and let me go home in the truck today! Thanks Premium!

Alex and Gavin were very nice. The Hummer I got was just what I wanted. I am very happy I found you guys.

Found the van on craigslist. We needed a van because our van is going on tour. I opted for the pre buy inspection and there were some mechanical problems with the van. Alex would not come down on the price as much as I wanted on the van but overall we are happy.

I'm super excited! This is my first car. My dad helped me by co signing for it! It's super nice and I love that I got a big red bow on it!!!

06/03/14--Pretty Satisfied! From the first day I came in to look at this truck, Gavin helped us out. Came in and he was more than accomodating. Very positive transaction. I got exactly what I wanted on my financing...it took a few days but Alex finally got me the deal I wanted. I would definately consider coming back here in the future for another car. Every one was nice.

04/15/14--Love my truck! Can't wait to show it off to all my buddies on base. So worth the drive here to buy this truck! I bought a Dodge Ram Diesel Truck. Great deal. Love the rims--value was great. I'm going to send all my friends here. Thanks to the staff that helped me out.

3/31/14--I purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer and I love it. It was very positive experience. For the money it's just what we wanted. It was easy and the staff was great. Thanks guys!

06/03/14--Not much to say...love the truck. Just what my husband and I wanted. Quick and easy sale. Staff was great.

04/14/14--Came in to purchase a 2007 Honda Ridgeline. Did numerous test drives over the course of 2 weeks and the sales staff were very patient with me. Manny helped me from beginning to end and made the process very easy for me. They let me have the car inspected and we ended up buying the car at a great price. Overall a great experience.

Nice Jeep with a good price. Robert was a cool man. He helped me out alot. Thank you!

I finally got my 1998 BMW Z3 at the price I wanted. I was always in search for this car but the prices were always so high and every dealership I walked into was lacking in customer service until I came to Premium Finance. If customer service is lacking I simply will not give my business there. Thanks guys! Great car.

06/09/14--I needed a truck and needed one fast. We did a quick search online and found the best one here at this dealership. We had also found a few on craigslist but they were a complete waste of time. They were curb/private sellers and they didn't even have the titles to the cars. These guys had the truck, had the title and a great deal. The people were all very nice too.

Thanks for all your help. You guys were great and got me the car I really wanted.

Saw the car online and couldnt believe the price! Best deal ever! Super easy, financing was a breeze! Alex really worked hard for me!

Alex worked very hard to get the financing for me. Staff was very friendly adn the car was very clean. The price was just right!

Staff was very helpful and knowledgable. I love my new car! Thank you Maria and Manny

Alex and Gavin were very nice and helpful. Everyone here was nice and I was in and out.

I give Premium Finance 4 out of 5 stars. It was a really nice experience. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. I bought myself a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 and I am looking forward to driving it back to Sacramento.

04/08/14--Very happy with the Jeep that I just purchased! Deal can't be beat. We were in the dealership and within an hour we were driving home in our Jeep. We felt comfortable with the purchase and liked the staff. Car shopping is never fum but the staff at Premium made it pretty easy. Thanks Premium Finance!!

Very good experience. Saw it online and it was what I expected! Clean and a great price.

04/12/14--Love my RED BMW CONVERTIBLE!
Everyone was great! Manny was very patient with us. We did many different test drives and Manny had a smile on his face the entire time and was eager to help us. It was a great value and I was impressed at the level of sercice we received here. Will totally be back again!

Alex was very knowlegebale, friendly and did not make it into a high pressure sale. I got a great deal. I needed a new car because mine was very old. I am very happy with my new car.

Very happy! I got myself a transportation car but Ill be back for a real car! Service was great and all my needs were met.

This place is awesome. Just bought the truck I wanted at a great price. They were professional and nice. I am happy I came across this dealership because I will be back. Thanks!

Super easy to buy here. My dad and I came in and the car I wanted had just been sold but then they showed me another one that was equally nice. Worked with my credit union and all went well.

05/31/14--Very impressed by both the price and the level of service here. The price of my Lexus was the best I had seen searching online. I thought for sure that the condition whould not be up to par. I went in to inspect it and it was beautiful...very clean and just what my wife and I wanted. I went through my credit union and had my car by the next week. Great experience.

Alex was great. Truck needed some repairs but the dealership was upfront about these repairs. Bought as is at the price I wanted. This will be a work truck and is perfect for my needs.

No pressure. They were way better than the other dealership we were at.

Alex was very nice. He took his time to help me. I got the BMW I wanted at the price I wanted. They were also very fair with my trade in car. Overall, a very good experience and I am very happy.

04/14/14--Customer service was great and we feel that we got a great deal on our Lexus. The car is beautiful and we are very happy with it so far. Hopefully we'll be back for our 2nd Lexus soon! Thanks guys!

Great service. Financing was simple and to the point. Got the truck at a great price.

Great experience. I came to look at a few cars and I am happy with what I got. I got what I came for and what I wanted. Great purchase! Thanks for having me!

Simple process. Saw the car online, came specifically for this car. Overall happy!

This dealership is honest, not pushy, and totally upfront. I couldn't be happier with the whole process! Alex was super helpful and got me the price I wanted for the vehicle I needed.

Did not know what to expect. Saw the car online for a price that didnt seem accurate and it was. Great price and there were no games. happy with our purchase.

Really good experience. The team was great on paperwork and it was all fast and easy. Manny was nice and patient and he was not pushy at all. I saw the car on carsforsale.com and ran down here because it was such a great deal!

Efficiency, speed, and we didn't get that typical feeling as when you walk into other dealers.

06/03/14--Service was great...Alex and Gavin were cool. Wanted an inexpensive economical car and found myself a 2002 Ford Focus. Straight and to the point. Even took my trade in.

You guys were wonderful! Thank you!

Just got my Toyota Rav 4 and Im very happy. I love the vehicle. Its clean and in good condition. Better than what I expected!

05/27/14--Financing was easy...quick and painless. Bought my son the Mustang he wanted and he was very happy. One stop shopping. I was able to get it all done in a few hours and go on to enjoy my Saturday!! Very nice.

really excited with my Nissan Titan. its a great car and premium helped me to get it. thanks to maria who explained everything so nicely.

Manny was good. Craigslist told me where to come and find the car. Nice test drive and easy to buy.

05/31/14--Manny was very nice and congenial. I felt that the test drive was a bit too controlling but otherwise I was happy with the service I received here. I like the MBZ I got and felt the price was right on. The car looks clean...probably the cleanest I've seen a 2002 Mercedes.

Alex is too pushy like he just wanted to get everything done too quick. But everything else was fine.

05/31/14--Very good customer service . Very helpful. They helped with my loan with an outside bank. Price was fair. Love the car. Thanks guys!

My Beetle is so cute! I'm very happy with my purchase and with my new car. Premium finance helped me get the car I wanted and I am very grateful!

No pressure to buy. Great experience. Alex and Maria were very helpful. Thanks!

Great price- Great service. Needed a newer BMW and these guys hooked me up all the way.

04/01/14--2003 CHEVY SILVERADO!!
Gavin was great and was very friendly. Most dealers were very quiet on test drives but Gavin was cool. Clean lot and clean cars. We've been to many different car dealers everywhere in search of a truck but I felt the most comfortable here. The office was very professional. I had a good feeling as soon as we came in here. Would definitely come back and refer friends. Thanks Premium.

05/31/14--These guys really worked hard to get me my loan. Maria was persistent and at the end she got me the deal I wanted on my BMW X5. I really didn't want any other car on the lot and they made it happen. I'm happy cuz now I can rebuild my credit while driving the car that I want. Great people too!!

Fast and easy. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you for making it possible.

Manny was very helpful. Great process.

06/09/14--Everything was great. This car is exactly what we've been looking for. Just moved here from Hawaii and needed a smaller SUV type vehicle. This car was great and perfect for the family. Sales team were all very nice and polite. It was a great deal and we're very happy.

Everything was great. They answered all of my questions.

Easy. Great value. Happy customer. My volvo is what I wanted and perfect for my needs.

Manny was horrible. Horribly nice that is! Car is in exceptional condition. Leather seats are unbelievably clean and the car runs great. The price was also great!

Great experience. Read the reviews about this dealer and decided to come to see the Lexus I wanted. The car was in great condition and the price was right. Maria worked hard on a Saturday night to get me financed. Good job guys!

Manny's awesome. He was very genuine and that is what ultimately brought me back to purchase this truck. I do sales myself and being comfortable means a great deal. The truck itself was great. I got a good deal and am very happy.

04/11/14--When asked how the service was here I replied.....
Good customer service. All our questions were answered professionally. Very happy with the car and the price I paid for it. Go see Iveth and Gavin...great people.

04/08/14--We just purchased this beautiful Mazda 3 with 65000 miles on it and love it. It was the best price that we found anywhere and were so grateful for the deal that we got. We have been car shopping for so long and just needed a safe, economical car for every day use. When we saw this Mazda advertised, we quickly went in, test drove it and loved it. We needed a smaill, short term loan and they even helped us with that. Very happy...so far so great.

My process was good from start to finish. I had to finance the Mercedes benz that I wanted and Alex helped get me a finance deal together. Overall, very happy with my experience here

We were looking at 2 other vehicles and this is a better price. Car wasnt perfect but it is used and for a Land Rover it's in good condition. I got the rate and the payment that I wanted and rolled out with the car.

Great price on the truck. Service was very good. Manny was pretty cool and the whole process was fairly easy. They worked with my bank and got the financing done. They are a busy office and I can see why. Great professional place.

3/24/14: 2003 Chevy 2500 Duramax Diesel Truck!
Good Price--Good Price--Good Price
I got the truck that I've been looking for at the right price. Alex and the entire staff were great and very helpful. So excited I don't even want to get out my truck!

I love my Porsche Cayenne! So happy this was possible. Thank you to the team for goign to bat for me! Premium Finance is the best.

Overall good process. Financing was a bit challenging for me but Alex made it possible. Finally got the Porsche that I wanted and I am very happy. Welcome 2015 and thanks you guys!

Great experience. Everyone was very helpful, especially Maria. Thank you for your patience. I love my new truck.

Could not have asked for a better deal. My Mercedes benz M class is everything I hoped for and more and the process was quick.

we had some issues getting financed but the sales staff was great. we got a better deal than we expected. very happy

05/31/14--I feel great about the car I bought. I came in looking to buy a 2004 Chrysler Sebring and left with a 2008 Sebring for just a little more money. The car is very clean. The sales people all worked as a team and there wasn't any pressure. No regrets here.

06/03/14--Purchase was good. Few cosmetic issues with the car but overall the car is what I wanted. Got pre-approved for financing online with Alex and then came in for a test drive. Now I'm driving the car home. Next time I come here I want a taco truck and some beer!! Everyone was great.

05/31/14--Cute little VW Beetle Bug! Totally what I wanted. The dealership was very nice. Agreed to hold the car for me for a few days while I got the money together. Very honest and fair. My mom will be back to buy a car from them soon. Love my Bug!

Great. Besides that I came 2 weeks ago to look at the truck and it wasnt buffed. I wanted it buffed and you guys did it for me. Great customer service. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Gavin was great. We got a great deal on the Mercedes Benz we wanted. We felt very comfortable with this dealership. Everyone was very friendly and attentive to my needs.

06/05/14--Called regarding a Nissan Altima and was treated so nicely on the phone. Maria answered my questions openly and honestly which I appreciated. I went in the next day, test drove the car and ended up buying it. I thought the process was easy and very fair. It's very hard trying to find the right car dealership to buy a car at but I felt comfortable here. No pressure and no lies. Thanks guys.

Manny was super nice. We got a good deal. I'm moving to Hawaii with my new Jeep! I'm very happy. Go see these guys- Honest and Fair.

We purchased this vehicle for our parents. The sales experience was good. There was a little technical issue but overall the experience was great. Everyone here was very friendly and helpful. We are very happy!

I love the car! We needed a weekend car and now we each have a Mercedes Benz. Financing was easy. We are happy with our new car and cant wait to go to the beach.

05/31/14--QUICK! Wanted a truck fast and we got it fast! Easy, quick and accomodating. Truck was just as advertised and the price was the best I've seen. Most of all the crew was very nice and worked fast with us.

Great making the deal happen. I am a first time buyer with very little credit. Alex worked hard to make it happen for me. I have a few minor issues with the car but it is a 1998 and I can't beat the price regardless.

05/27/14--The staff at Premium were all great and went above and beyond to get me the car I wanted. From my test drive to getting me approved for my loan, they were great. It took about a day to get the financing in place but they worked with me on my down payment and I was able to get the car I wanted to surprise my son! Super cool place!

3/24/14: I must have come back and forth to this dealership 5 times and each time the staff was more than accommodating to me and my questions. Service was great....I narrowed it down to 2 vehicles and ended up leaving with the newer one. I am very happy and the only thing I would change is the interest rate on my loan but it's cool. They did the best they could to get me financed and I drove home with the car that I wanted.

Good deal, good people. Happy with the deal. Thank you guys!

Fair car fair price. I had a few issues with the car but it was all fair and I still got a great price

05/31/14--Maria was very nice on the phone. Much easier than expected. Came in for one car which I did not like but saw an Audi that I did like so I am happy I made the trip to Orange County. Thanks!

Very nice experience. Manny was very nice. This is my first car and I could not be happier with my Mercedes Benz. Deal was great.

Financing was super easy and my wife and I have purchased vehicles from other dealers amd they take a very long time. Paperwork was super easy. Premium Finance was great!

I came in to test drive a Beetle and fell in love. Buying was quick and painless. Manny was really sweet.

I came in to test drive a Beetle and fell in love. Buying was quick and painless. Manny was really sweet.

Great price and great car! We looked at a few other dealerships before coming here and we are glad we did. Very friendly people that are not pushy.

05/31/14--Very happy with the price on my F150! I saw it online, came in and picked up the truck the same afternoon. Staff was great...straight and to the point. No sugar coating here. They are completely open. Cool place.

Car is great. Runs smooth, clean inside and out. Great price. Couldn't ask for more

05/31/14--I bought this car because I inspected and liked it but I do feel that the salesman could have been more informative. At the end of the day they showed me a CARFAX report which did answer my questions and that was cool. Customer service was fine.

Positive experience here. Not much to say. I liked the Jag and bought it. They did what I asked for and I got what I wanted. Fine group of people here.

Happy with my purchase. Sales team was quick and not pushy

Excellent customer service. Not willing to lower the asking price on the car but thats ok because it was a good price anyway. Very happy with the car.

i saw the car on cars.com. I came in and it was exactly what it looked like online. I got the car I came for and I got it for my birthday! I called several times to talk to people about this car and every converstation was helpful and pleasant. I have to say that the customer service was excellend all around this dealership. There was one small mechanical issue with the car but this dealership was honest and up front. They also gave me a discount on the vehicle for the problem. I will definitely be back to buy another car from them.

06/03/14--The car I purchased was exactly what it said it was online. I saw my Chrysler on TruCar.com I called them numerous times for information and each time I called I was treated so nicely. It really made me want to come down and check it out and I was happy I did. The TruCar price listed online was honored. It was easy--no haggling. I thought there would be all these extra fees that I would have to talk them out of buy that wasn't the case. Very satisfied with my 2010 Chrysler!

Alex and Gavin were great. We were in a bit of a rush and they got us in our 02 Nissan Xterra in no time. Very friendly, professional guys.

Great deal! Love the price and the car! Thanks for everything.

Professional, fast, easy. I will be back for more vehicles in the future.

06/05/14--Maria was great...she answered all of our questions for us and took us on an extended test drive. She took care of our concerns promptly and really listened to us. We purchased the Mustang we came in for. Customer service was excellent and the purchase itself was super fast.

I like your prices on every vehicle you have. I would reccommend others to your dealership. Easy deal- satified customer.

05/23/14--I purchased a 2005 Ford F150 today and I really appreciated the deal and the way I was treated. It was quick and easy....straight to the point and without the standard dealer b/s! Truck was what I wanted and they honored the USAA discount as advertised. In and out! Thanks guys!

06/09/14--Service was just fine. Car is beautiful, price was great and they were willing to work with me. They even took my trade-in and gave me a fair price for it. This all sums up to a good deal for me.

Everything was great! We got the truck we wanted for a great price. We are very happu witht he truck so far. If we ever need another truck we will definitely look here first. Great inventory and great prices!

Excellent and personable service. Best experience I have ever had buying a used car. That is saying something since I've been to every dealership from here to Long Beach. I know what I'm buying and I am happy. I liked Alex and Maria a lot.

Quick and easy process. Great price on the truck. Felt pretty good about my purchase. Great Toyota Tundra for the money. Drove from up north to buy this truck. Thanks Premium!

My 06 Ford escape is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for all your hardwork. The team here is awesome. They made buying a car a great experience.

Happy with my Jaguar. Clean car, low miles, good car. Easy financing. Perfect car for me while I am working here in the states. Great way for me to build my credit. Premium gave me a chance when others didn't

Everyone here was great. This was the third dealership we went to and by far the best experience. You guys were all so nice and made buying a car very easy and enjoyable. Definitely a positive experience for us. Thanks

05/23/14--Drove in from San Jose for this beautiful MBZ and man I did not regret it. The car was exactly as it was advertised and the pictures did not lie. Alex was very nice from begining to end. I drove all day and the crew waited for me. Completed the deal at about 8pm and now I have my MBZ to enjoy it on the weekend. Thanks Alex and thank you to the staff. Love this car!

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